To Brum, from a Manc.

To Brum, from a Manc.

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To Brum, from a Manc.


I was fascinated to be invited by our client, the West Midlands Combined Authority, for a presentation designed to encourage investment in the region.

It was the first outing for the new branding system we are building for them and I was keen to see how it looks. It’s one of my favourite pieces of Heavenly work over the last twelve months which emerged from a detailed strategic and creative development expertly steered by our Managing Partner Roger Pride through the scrutiny of an exceptionally large number of stakeholders.

Now look. I’m a Manc.

I don’t think I’ve ever emotionally engaged with anything to do with Birmingham (apart from some very happy memories in the Balti Triangle over the years).

But the story that Andy Street and his passionately committed team told, alongside Ian Stuart, CEO of HSBC and Matt Hammond of PwC and many others was captivating. The region is booming, it’s full of potential and has a great combination of heritage and ambition for the future.

It’s impressive.

From our new Heavenly office in the centre of Birmingham in one of the taller buildings all you can see are tower cranes.

The quiet confidence of the area, the multitudinous diverse talent base, the votes of confidence from JLR, HSBC, PwC as well of course as the Commonwealth Games are all real reasons to believe that Andy Street will achieve his ambitions for a region he is quite clearly in love with.

Manchester may be winning at football and music (sorry Noddy) but place branding should never be about comparison. It’s about finding the very heart and soul and bringing it to life.

Thanks for a lovely morning West Midlands. Turns out you’re alright after all.