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Are many of us becoming too lazy to create?

6 February 2017 Jim Harrison,

I recently read a story in the Guardian called ‘Dopamine Dressing – Can you dress yourself happy?’ That’s cool I thought, and immediately shared the article on FB. I also saw an amazing shot of a building in The Hague dressed as a Mondrian canvas. I popped that on Instagram. And the last thing I did on Twitter was retweet a Huff Post article about bringing up teenagers.

Which got me thinking, is the world increasingly seeing a three-way split – with Consumers in one corner, Sharers in the other, and Creators in the third (with any number of inevitable hybrids …)?

Are many of us increasingly expressing our opinions in a second hand way only, by simply commenting on or critiquing news (real, fake, alternative or otherwise) fed to us by others? Is the sheer proliferation of content – from quirky Reddit posts to academic tracts – making us lazy, obsessed with debating rather than creating? And is this laziness helping to stoke media and brands’ obsession with producing ‘shareable content’ of any kind, with success measured purely by the number of likes or follows (“the message is a bit off brand but it’ll get us noticed”)?

Though the internet has empowered lots and lots of people to blog, vlog and upload – many others are just sitting back and becoming engaged clicktivists at best, passive share-junkies at worst.

Here’s to a new era of old fashioned, original points of view.
Let’s see more creativity, less debativity.

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