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Branding in today's short attention span world

28 November 2013 Jim Harrison,

Richard Sunderland writes...

We live in a short attention span world. Technology has made us all busy as we flit between news, entertainment and social networks, finding so many new ways to fill our days. And, for all claims around simplification, technology has also helped make our lives more complicated: more ideas, more innovation, more brands and more messages. As we navigate through this proliferation, we have become impatient. There’s a great quote that’s often attributed to Winston Churchill: I’m writing you a long letter because I don’t have time to write you a short one.

It’s no surprise what this means for branding: that consumers want to get to the money shot. And quickly. The chances are that, if it takes you 30 minutes to explain what your product or service does, you will lose most people along the way. Whether they are consumers, investors, potential employees, journalists or friends and family.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter put it well when he reminded an interviewer who was challenging him about the basic nature of one of his ideas said “it’s really complex to make something simple”. Our discipline is to try and define the idea at the heart of a brand in one word, then articulate that in the form of a two-word tagline, then a ten word elevator pitch, then a hundred words to sit on the website homepage.

So you could say that, at Heavenly, we’re into the Art of Reduction. It can certainly save a whole lot of time. Just ask Winston.


 Header image courtesy of Flickr user 'tonz'

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