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Building a TV Brand

6 December 2010 Jim Harrison,

Heavenly’s Creative Strategy Director Nick Sunderland has been featured in a Q&A piece in this month’s Televisual magazine entitled ‘Building a TV brand’.

Televisual magazine which was launched in 1982, with the birth of C4 and Martin Lambie-Nairn’s legendary identity, is the leading UK magazine for senior production executives, business directors and project managers who create television, film, commercials and corporate productions.

The article, which appears solely in the print edition is produced in text form below:

What’s the key to creating a strong TV brand identity?  A strong experienced team with an obsession for craft and quality. Don’t be derivative, find something unique creatively. Stand out – be a lighthouse in a cluttered landscape. Deliver meaning which resonates. Clearly express what you stand for, your reason for being, your promise to the viewer. Know what makes you different, special and unique.

Give us an example. Channel 4 has always been a ground breaker. From Martin Lambie-Nairn’s launch identity right up to the present day. The use of perspective is original and the creative offering real stands out whilst getting across the 4 point of view on life.

What should be avoided? Cutting corners. Quality and craft are important. Looking to others for too much inspiration. You’ll end up being a ‘me too’ brand.Not knowing what you stand for. All great creative starts with a great strategy brief.

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