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Businesses that make a date with awareness days

2 August 2013 Jim Harrison,

Our CEO, Richard Sunderland was featured in the Financial Times today giving his views on the effectiveness of the rising trend for awareness weeks.

The article, written by Rhymer Rigby, looks at the trend for companies to claim calendar real estate with awareness raising days, weeks or months, Rigby discusses the origins, purpose and effectiveness of them.

From recognizing unsung workers during National Payroll Week, giving a fragmented industry a voice during British Sandwich Week to promoting greener transport during the UK catch a bus week, designating periods of time can catch the public imagination and galvanise those working in a sector or for a cause suggests Richard.

However he suggests that with everybody now claiming calendar real estate, from joke based celebrations such as International Talk Like a Pirate Day, to national corndog and popcorn days the issue is that “Every week is now a ‘something week. . . We are now seeing hours such as Earth Hour. How long before products and causes start claiming minutes as their own?”

The article is available in the print edition and online from The FT’s website.


 Header image courtesy of Flickr user 'Daveybot'

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