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If a category isn’t good – change it

7 December 2017 Jim Harrison,

In 2013, we met a very smart intellectual property lawyer who at the time was working for one of the big established IP law firms.

All around the sector he saw complacency, inefficient working practices and a lack of attention to the real issues and needs of clients.

Often clients were met with jargon, negativity and confusing pricing. Too often the answer to clients was a “no” when a bit of imagination might have found a way.

The opportunity for new type of Trade Mark Attorney practice was clear to Julius Stobbs and he decided to take the risk and strike out on his own.

Heavenly were proud to provide a powerful proposition; “We thrive in the grey but talk in black and white - we call it straight up IP” and the brand identity and helped them on their way.

Stobbs the law firm was born in London and Cambridge.

In three years they had 68 employees, they are one of the top UK TM filers and entered the top tier of the Legal 500 and won the MIP TM Law Firm of the Year.

So many of our jobs are one-off projects but the relationship with Stobbs is different. We collaborate on ventures – for example we work closely together in helping our client Meyer Bergman and Stobbs have assisted most of our clients in protecting the assets we create for them.

We even have a joint product called “Own.Brand” where their specialists work from the outset with our creative people – clear directions can be set and time isn’t wasted exploring routes that we can’t protect.

It didn’t stop there and we continue to work together on new ways of developing Stobbs. We’re currently working on a top-secret project that will be another category disruptor but we wanted to show off the results of an idea we put to Stobbs a while ago – to make some brand films to emphasise their main selling messages.

The films are all hosted on their website or can be seen on our Vimeo channel, or embedded below.

Whilst you watch them, do remember that it was a law firm who rather bravely approved the scripts.

A law firm that will always be a disrupter.

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