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Celebrating Clarity

5 December 2016 Jim Harrison,

Heavenly Brand Agency -

We’ve just completed the evaluation of our 2016 campaign for Welsh Water. We think it’s a great example of what happens when clear objectives meet clear brand thinking.

Welsh Water came to us with a fantastic brief, and a clear campaign objective.

Welsh Water is a pretty unique company – a major utility serving 3 million customers in Wales and The Marches that has no shareholders and operates as a Not-for-Profit. From their extensive customer research, the Welsh Water team know that awareness of their not-for-profit status is a good thing. It translates directly into increased levels of trust in the company, and a willingness to pitch in when the company needs them to help save water or reduce blockages.

So they asked us to help raise awareness of their not-for-profit status by 5% over a campaign period that began in July and ended in November.

If not for profit, then what for?

We started thinking about not-for-profit. It’s a bit businessy. It might create a warmish feeling, but what does it really mean?

It begs the question: if you’re not for profit, then what are you for? The simple answer to this question gave us our campaign idea.

Welsh water’s for living. For clean water delivered to our homes, and for waste water seamlessly taken away.

It’s for work. Welsh water is at the heart of some of Wales’s best products and produce. For Pembrokeshire potatoes and for Brains beer.

It’s for play. Welsh Water is the custodian of some of Wales’ most beautiful landscapes. For cycling at Llyn Brenig and for sailing at Llandegfedd.

For Wales. Not for Profit.

It’s a simple idea, made for an impatient wold. Armed with this clear thought, we were able to make not-for-profit accessible for our audience. To turn a business model into something closer to home, something they could relate to.

You can read more about the execution and see our ads here.


Welsh Water track customer awareness of their not-for-profit status through regular YouGov surveys. At the end of November, awareness had increased by 20% – smashing the 5% target for the campaign.

A clear result.

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