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Hitting the woodwork

26 June 2013 Jim Harrison,

We have a few avid sports fans at Heavenly, covering everything from NFL
to Darts.

However, the one common sport that gets us talking in the studio is unsurprisingly, football. So when we heard about the Glory Glory exhibition we thought we should submit something.

The brief was simple. Produce a typographic poster based on a football chant.

After some deliberation, and several renditions of various chants, we settled on using a chant which away fans usually sing when visiting the less glamorous grounds around the country. The chant refers to the apparent shoddiness of said stadium and goes a little something like this:

“My garden shed (My garden shed).
Is bigger than this (Is bigger than this).
My garden shed is bigger than this.
It has a door and a window.
My garden shed is bigger than this.”

Here is it is in context (after the Elvis intro!)

We anticipated that many of the submissions would be mac rendered, so we decided to adopt a more hand-made approach.

So we got some wood, a tub of Ronseal and a paint brush and decided to paint the lyrics directly on to the wood. We’re no sign writers, so a stencil was made. But once we had finished, we took a photograph of our handy work, and ‘voila’ we were done. Back of the net.

So have a look at the images and see what you think.

The exhibition itself had over 250 entries of which only a selection of approximately 25 were shown. We have been told there will be an online archive of all the entries coming soon, so we look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions.

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