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Movers need shakers

24 August 2018 Jim Harrison,

In the tradition of calling out good stuff when we see it, I’m here to praise an estate agent.

We talk a lot about categories where the players “stand-in” rather than “stand-out”, where differentiation, innovation and end user benefit are not prized.

Despite considerable innovation in technology – from Zoopla to Purple Bricks, the marketing of the main estate agency chains has remained drearily magnolia – it’s very hard to find anything which changes minds beyond existing perceptions.

Local reputation, staff first impressions and ubiquity (“they have a lot of signs up”) seem to still dominate the way we make choices in the residential market at least.

And then I saw this in the window of our local Foxtons and I have to say it’s the first interesting thing in the market since Roy Brooks.

Of course it’s relevant to the house buying process and the frustrations we all feel. And it’s utterly in keeping with the existing image we have of Foxtons (pushy and aggressive) but crucially, gives that behaviour meaning. Foxtons are like that because – if I’m a mover – it’s what I need on my team.

Suddenly, those fridges full of water, Prince of Wales check suits and green Minis are humanised and have a purpose.

It’s a simple idea. It’s a pennydrop moment. I would never have used Foxtons before. Now I might. It’s a good example of the power of brevity and I wish I’d written it!


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