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Natural intelligence

18 April 2018 David Wood

I’m taking heart from a couple of dreadful websites we spotted recently that make me feel that the Noah’s Ark full of creative people who have ideas with real value will actually float when the robotic flood comes.

This site uses AI to create logos.  You do all the work. They are as Steve put it “Just above clipart”

This site uses AI to write copy to appeal – nay, engage - with particular people.

It’s dreadful but of course it will improve.

Design Crowd have been around forever. And loads of others giving creative outlet to people with a mac and time on the their hands.

Good luck to them all and we love tech.

But not tech designed for some daft race to the bottom.

We love tech that thrills people and helps them. Tech that moves the needle – the way that Citymapper or Wayz blow it open.

It starts with an idea.

The last legal competitive edge available in any market.

Relevant, original, ownable, engaging and more.

Something that weaponises your offer and makes serious cash.

Tech doesn’t create brand ideas.

Brand ideas use tech.

Culture screws strategy.

Ideas screw tech.

Come and have a chat about natural intelligence?

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