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Papal endorsement?

25 May 2018 David Wood

Some time ago, we identified the “impatient world” as the greatest challenge to brands and their owners.  Our belief being that only by actively embracing the importance of brevity can brands engage with and influence the choices of the customers they hope to serve.

This morning I learned that, in a recent encyclical (Vatican for ‘blog’) Pope Francis has been talking about “Rapidification” – his expression for the intensified pace of social evolution driven by technology.

Of course he’s dead right and we’ll take endorsement for our thinking from anywhere. Intrigued, I did some more research in to his thinking and of course, as you’d expect – it’s a little more profound than that. Well, he is the Pope after all.

Have a delve into the encyclical Laudato si –  he’s talking about what he calls the myth of progress.  The idea that somehow ‘technology will save us’ and that our progress in engineering will somehow end up being sustainable. After all, it’s very human to believe that somehow, the collateral ecological damage will sort itself out. If he thinks at all, this may, for example, be what Trump ‘thinks’.

Pope Francis notes that natural ecosystems are cycles – taking and then using and passing on resources for the next cycle of life.  Humans straighten the circle to a linear passage of consumption from useable resource transformed into toxic, poisonous, non-biodegradable landfill.

This reminded me of a quite brilliant Vice video lecture by economist Jeremy Rifkin – he of the Third Industrial Revolution –  where he vividly explores the issues of economic crisis, energy security and climate change.

(90 minutes of your life you’ll never get back but trust me, you’ll thank me).

Consultancies like ours do produce disproportionate amounts of hot air but we also work hard for sustainability issues to be high on the agenda with our clients who all readily agree.

That’s where we really need rapidification, brevity and indeed alacrity.

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