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What has place branding got to do with Oysters?

13 October 2015 Jim Harrison,

Heavenly Brand Agency -

We have the wonderful task of helping CEG to create a unique community on a beach in Cornwall.  We speak about the Carlyon Beach project in other parts of our website and it’s been a project of ours for many happy years.

August 2015 saw us experimenting with a new way of place branding as we wait for the development to take shape. Despite large parts of our mile long stretch of sand being a building site, our events team managed to create some very lovely reasons to visit the beach. Pop up restaurants and stalls were invited along to make Carlyon more of a destination.  Food events and Beach Banquets were arranged to bring in people to experience something of the barefoot luxury the final development will enjoy.

The events were hugely successful – the feedback for the events team was glowing.  But this was just a test – of logistics and likely response and it’s led to some exciting plans for 2016/17 being developed…as they say, more later…

People who visit Cornwall for a holiday have already enjoyed a holiday there – 82% of visitors have been before.  Buyers of second homes in Cornwall have visited the area at least six times and it was this group we’re interested in showcasing our development to.

Whilst the construction teams get on with their incredibly complex tasks, we can share something of the lifestyle that Carlyon will become where the world will no doubt be the new owners’ oyster, lobster, mussel, clam and crayfish.

Visit: and

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