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Privacy at a premium

18 June 2019 Natasha Joseph

Heavenly Brand Agency -

As I log on to LinkedIn I’m first asked why I opt not to have a photo. Just because, that’s why.

Then there’s a pop-up which appears right after: “Save your mobile”.
No. I’m good thanks.

Then there’s yet another slightly more discreet ‘option’ – “Sync your email contacts”.
Which one? My Hotmail, my Gmail? Have you done it already?
“Click to Continue”.
No, £%*& off.

What’s the price of privacy and more importantly when do I get to buy into it.

I remember being totally averse to Monzo, happy to forgo the convenience and practicality of an oh-so-easy app to avoid the amalgamation of my spending data by yet another business. Then open banking happened and I lost all (perceived) autonomy.

As I resist the urge to rant at my phone which has just auto-synced my calendar to Google Maps for Sunday brunch, I wonder when businesses will figure out that people do in fact value their privacy and are perhaps willing to pay a premium for it.

Is there anyone out there with a messaging app that ensures total privacy / isn’t susceptible to massive hack attacks? I’d pay for it.

Or – even better – an app that gives me the ability to opt-out of data syncing entirely. Just imagine.

While Ben Fogle’s ‘Lives in the Wild’ fuels my dream of dropping off the data grid, I remember I like hot water on tap too much.

So for those of us who still like our creature comforts, businesses need to tap into the fact that consumers do in fact have a choice – ideally before people start realising that business should be paying people for their data.


Just because I get to opt.
That’s why.

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