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A Tale of Two Cities

8 November 2015 Jim Harrison,

A rather good company from over here... that’s doing very well over there.

Over the years we’ve been lucky in securing projects in the US.  Time Warner have graced us, Rovi involved us in their rebrand.  West Coast tech Nasdaq listed businesses like Rambus have invited us in to advise.

We also did some very successful property jobs in New York like 51 Jay Street which has set new records for development premiums and rate of sale.

So when we faced a choice of whether to establish a real fully staffed office over there it wasn’t so hard to take the plunge.  Fully paid up New Yorker, branding expert and ex airline pilot (yes, so were we), Pete Widry was recruited to run the office and grow the business and that’s what’s happening.

We have to talk in code now because we have confidentiality agreements…but since then we’ve won business from a HUGE US property company – the team presented the latest round of work today and joy is un-contained. We are also in the short strokes of launching an absolute milestone campaign for Heavenly.  Charming, brilliantly branded and with a commercial edge of steel.  More news soon. Clue. It’s Orange and lives in Staten Island but gets around a bit.

But – and George Osborne if you’re reading, pay attention – that’s not all we’re doing for the balance of payments.

How about this? – An amazing media tech business, the NY outpost of the worlds second largest electronics company, a start up, an eco energy business and a museum.

We never count eggs or chickens but it all feels really buoyant, we have lots of clever ways of people team-working regardless of geography, supplier relationships in five time zones and some very exciting plans.

Improving the UK’s invisible earnings is of course hugely important to us but we are mainly pleased that an English accent still seems to attract US clients who, in our experience have a receptivity to great ideas every bit as good as marketing people in the UK.

And that folks is our take on the state of the union.

- The Heavenly Team

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