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Don't say you're funny, tell the joke

21 January 2014 Jim Harrison,

Richard Sunderland writes...

One of our favourite expressions centres around jokes, but only as an analogy (apart from Steve Copestake, the rest of us are quite bad at telling them). It’s that great brands don’t say they’re funny, they tell the joke.

So less of thousands of pages of earnest, philosophical words nesting in glossy brand books on dust-gathering shelves. And more about tangible, commercially-minded, captivating, newsworthy, exciting initiatives that prove that the idea at the heart of the brand truly is pregnant with potential and possessive of oomph. That we can do something with it, rather than just pay lip-service to it. That it releases energy and can light up a brainstorm as people get excited about the possibilities. That it can make a difference to how people think and behave in their jobs, not just apply to the products, services or advice that they provide.

We all know that actions speak louder than words. Unsurprisingly at Heavenly, we love to practise what we preach.


 Header image courtesy of Flickr user 'megantrace'

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