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Heavenly: a ten year old start-up

31 October 2013 Jim Harrison,

This month, we’re changing our own brand identity such that it better reflects and does justice to what we do. Since Heavenly was founded in 2003, the company has seen much change. In our proposition, our people and our product. We don’t apologise for the fact that we have evolved as a business because the branding sector has evolved so much in the past decade. We are not so arrogant to believe that we are pioneers, but we do live on the vanguard of a rapidly changing category.

In the process of devising a new brand identity for ourselves, we have often talked about “Heavenly 2.0”. Even in the past few months, this phrase itself has become a cliché. But the underlying sentiment is very true. We are lucky enough to be able to combine the track record of ten years branding some amazing brands and organisations, with the energy and ambition of a new core team.

We are confident that our work speaks for itself, in the richness of the ideas, the appeal of the creative work and the impact of the delivery.

Life at Heavenly is different every day and it’s immensely energizing
to be part of it.

By Richard Sunderland, CEO.

 Header image courtesy of Flickr user 'cjggbella'


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