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We are loving GDPR

25 May 2018 David Wood

What a wonderful day this is. Every keystroke and unsubscribe. The chat in the office “I’d no idea how many databases I must have been on…”

It’s like a day of reckoning for those who have made a living from the shallow end of marketing.  Firms who play “a numbers game” and substitute thoughtful strategy and considered execution for silage-spraying irrelevant messages to the largest number of addresses they can get their hands on.

Humans corrupt technology quickly and ever more quickly. The postal system was useful until junk mail. Not long after telephones entered our lives so did nuisance calls and not very long after that call centres. The pace increases – TV was still young when Channel Five began, the web a mere child when porn became the majority of traffic. And so email – an incredibly useful tool – also becomes a gymnasium for the unimaginative as they relentlessly imagine we care about their company or product or if we’ll fall for the idea that if we enter our details the special package from DHL will be ours.

There are some businesses that may be unfairly hurt by GDPR of course but in the greater proportion of cases this is one of those rare blows for the consumer against an intellectually stunted and cynical industry.

Maybe there will be a burst of new business for us from brands who now have to really think about how to engage with their customers in a more fulfilling way thank hosing them with irrelevance.

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