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What on earth do Heavenly do?

23 March 2017 Jim Harrison,

Two companies approached us this week asking for a logo and some business cards - thank you both for your interest in Heavenly - but it prompted me to write something which explains a bit more about Heavenly.

So, what do Heavenly actually do? 

Heavenly Brand Agency -

What we’ve designed is a consultancy using ideas to make client businesses stronger and more profitable. We ask lots of questions of potential clients but the one we ask CEO’s and CMO’s that always gets the best answers is “what holds your business back?”

We get all kinds of reactions but the good bit is that they always have an answer.
So often, the issue boils down to language problems. For example, a lack of clarity and definition that muddles corporate purpose and fails to inspire. We’ve all seen those pointless generic “Mission and Values” presentations that crush imagination. It might be market space to manoeuvre, challenging demographics, supply chain, internal culture – it’s so often culture.

What we do is driven by their answer and identifying the hurdles the business is facing of course, but having just looked over our last twenty or so cases, three strands emerged of what we do.

Create imagination capturing ideas

We all know that the stimulus response model for marketing communications is discredited but what took its place? People talk about engagement and empathy but we’re a bit more direct.

We like to think about things it’s easier for people to picture. We know what it’s like to have our imagination captured. That penny-drop, the finger-snap; the moment when we “get” an idea feels almost physical – in part it is because the idea is behaving like dopamine in creating neural pathways.

Heavenly ideas are frictionless. They travel quickly in people’s minds, between people, through society and culture.

Ideas that make an indelible impression

We like to imprint brand ideas in people’s minds, we like to create impressions that make lasting positive connections between brands, people and broader culture.

So many markets look like brick walls to people. The bricks are the different brands on offer but there is so little variation and even less distinction and so choice becomes an exercise in guesswork or copying.

An indelible impression in and on this impatient world

The world grows increasingly impatient. We’ve all seen the stats about the disruption of technology now and to come. The simple fact is that the pace of change will never be this slow again and, to borrow our Chairman’s favourite phrase, managing a brand these days is a bit like building a jigsaw in a wind tunnel.

All of that turbulence is best dealt with – in fact can only be dealt with – by having a rock-solid core of ingenuity.

Nothing holds back brands than a lack of something to say. Something imagination capturing, novel, memorable. Heavenly inspiration with down to earth thinking.

And that, dear reader, is what on earth Heavenly do.

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