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What's in a Name?

2 December 2010 Jim Harrison,

Heavenly's rebrand of US NASDAQ listed digital entertainment technology leader Macrovision to Rovi has been featured in the lead article in this month's Multichannel News.

The article by Todd Spangler and entitled "What's In a Name? - Why Companies Create New Brand Identities" draws on a number of US based examples of corporate rebrands including AT&T, Syfy and Rovi.

Heavenly was appointed by Rovi, then Macrovision, in late 2008  and our work included a brand positioning, creation of a new masterbrand name for international usage, a brand identity and the rationalization of a portfolio of over 40 sub-brands to create a more consistent brand architecture. This helped Rovi to successfully move from a B2B content protection software company into a B2C entertainment brand.

In the article David Jordan, Rovi's Vice President of Marketing, said that he was "amazed at how fast it [the new name] was adopted" Originally it had been planned that a transition tagline "Rovi, the New Name for Macrovision" would be used for two years, though this was eventually only used for 6 months.

David also expressed the importance of exhaustive testing of a new name, which Heavenly carried out on their behalf as well as not getting "caught up in [a company's] history", other options instead of Rovi were felt to be too old fashioned and not reflective of the new direct-to consumer approach that the Company planned to take.

The full article, which can be accessed by way of a subscription is on Multichannel News' website and in their December edition.

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